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The NVFT hosted an amazing Nehalem Valley bus tour & dinner!

Thank you to everybody who came out to the Nehalem Valley Bus Tour of Farms and Local-Foods Dinner on Saturday!

Didn’t make it? Don’t worry, we’ll do something like this again! Here’s an overview of what happened this weekend:


What was it all about?

The Nehalem Valley Farm Trust has been supporting six businesses on the Oregon Coast over the past few weeks; together, they’ve raised almost $60,000 in 0%-interest loans!

That’s $10k per business! This past Saturday, we filled a school bus with people from all over the Northwest to tour those farms & businesses to see what an AMAZING food scene there is out here!

They visited R-Evolution Gardens(vegetables), Nehalem River Ranch(pastured meats), Ainaside(Compost), Sustaining Space Farm(poultry, eggs & veggies), and Green Fork Farm (vegetables) on a GORGEOUS day! I was impressed with the level of detail and scientific interest in the conversations.

But that’s not all! THEN, the bus returned to our local White Clover Grange hall, where Roll & Bowl, a new food vendor in the area prepared FANTASTIC food, using ingredients from all of the farms that were just visited!

75 people were fed sushi, ramen bowls with veggie or beef broth, salads, edamame, and locally-grown wasabi…chefs Bryan and Sarah Fae introduced each course by telling us about the farms the meal featured.

The Nehalem Valley Farm Trust is a nonprofit serving Tillamook and Clatsop Counties on the Oregon Coast. We aim to stimulate economic activity around food and farms, and to preserve farmland AS working farmland.If you have farmable acreage that you’d like to see someone use, or if you’re interested in selling/leasing/preserving your agricultural heritage, please get in touch!

Special thanks also to: The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Tillamook & Clatsop Counties for helping with all of the business questions and issues;Birdsong Bouquets for donating flowers to the event;

Brigham from North Fork 53 for bringing iced tulsi tea;

And all of the volunteers, the board, and the farmers for making this happen!The NVFT is a nonprofit, and this event was put on without sponsors, grants, or other outside funding. Ticket sales made it possible, along with donations by individuals.

Please consider helping us grow by donating a little to the NVFT today!

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